Down by the Creek

C                                 G                               C

Hear that babbling brook go bubbling by

.       C                                       G                        C

I’m finkin’ of finding some fish to frippity fry



F                                                  C

Down by the creek, whether weather’s bright or bleak

.                                                                              G                        C

Just a rod and a line, some tackle and time, each day of the week


Wigglin’ and a-wagglin’ through the water and they don’t ask why

Makes ‘em mighty tasty oh me oh my oh my



Heat bug hookety-hooked that’s my fishing fly

Patience now please while papa’s playin’ out his lie

See that silly sucker teeth sunk on the line

Got some good grub for me and that gal of mine



Smothered in sputterin’ butter in the frying pan

Better than baking up beans in a battered tin can


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