Trail to Liard

E                                                               A

We’re rumbling down the road and we got eight more hours to go

B7                                                                                      E

Pulled from Yellowknife and we’re just hitting Behchoko

E                                               A

Tearing up the tar we got a driver driving hard

B7                                                                                  E

Racing through the Deh Cho on our way to Fort Liard


There’s a rattle in the engine and a squeaking in the floor

I must have broke the muffler when I tried to close the door

Bumper’s falling off you know that everything’s gone wrong

It’s just another rambling roadtrip driving country song


We pulled her into Providence the wheels were coming loose

From dodging all the buffalo and running down a moose

I don’t know why we got to get to Fort Liard today

We got no reason for this random roadtrip anyway


.                                  A                      B7               E

¾         And I don’t know if we’re ever gonna get there

.                       A          B7             E

And I’m not sure if I really even care

.            A            B7  E               A .. Am .. Am7
Didn’t get very far, got a flat tire….

.                     E               B7             E

And there’s not much air in the spare


We crossed that mighty river there and then we hung a right

Hit a rock that busted what was left of our headlights

Thumped along on rotten tires past the Jean Marie

If we make it to Fort Liard it’ll be a shock to me


We turned her south at Checkpoint heading down the Liard Trail

Past the Lindberg Landing and the Blackstone Park as well

Raced along the riverbank between the growing hills

We’re barely going to make it cause we hardly got the will


We pulled into Fort Liard, we’re all breathing more or less

The van’s a little choked but it’ll make it home I guess

We ground her through the gears in trying to make it to this town

But there’s nothing here to do so we’ll just have to turn around


– September 2009

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