Hitchhiker’s Blues

C                                                  A

Standing in the road I wasn’t doing any wrong

D                                                      G

Never woulda thought it coulda took so long

C                                               A

Sitting there waiting as the night rolled on

D                                  G

I started to write this pretty little song

.                    C                           A

.            I’m sick, of trying to hitch

.                    D     G                           C

.            I’m sick, of being in the ditch

.                    C                              A

.            I’m sick, it’s the latest news,

.                              D     G                      C

.            Got them hitch, hitchhikers blues


Thought that waitin’ couldn’t do me any harm

But I was jumpin up and down just a-tryin to keep warm

Jumpin’ with my feet and spinning my arms

I guess that I’ve lost all my lucky charms


And I said I’m sick, of being in the road

I’m sick, of carrying a load

I’m sick, ‘cause I always lose

Got them hitch, hitchhikers blues


I’m gonna ride a bus I’m gonna catch a train

‘Cause I’m sick of standing in the rain

And then I’ll sing one last refrain

But I’m never ever ever gonna never ever do it again


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