What do you give a seven-month-old?

I’ve got a young nephew in Whitehorse who’s just about seven months old.  His name is Elias.  I wanted to give him something nice for Christmas, ideally something home made.  So here it is – a box with different shapes that fit through holes in the sides:



I didn’t want to do anything too complicated since (like everybody else) I seem to have so many other pressing things on the go already.  Still it ended up being a bit of a process.  Some pieces were cut indoors:


Some of the jigsawing and most of the sanding was done outside since it’s been so (relatively) warm lately:


All of the wood is recycled maple from a local condo development.  It’s been sitting around my place for at least six years, so some of it is kind of warped.  That’s why it took so many clamps to hold it in shape while I glued the pieces together:


In the end I think it turned out alright – mostly thanks to borrowing Byron’s belt sander to smooth out all my poor joinery.  Now hopefully I can get it to Whitehorse in the next three days!



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