I would have called this post “fall” or “autumn,” but we’re well into that season now in Yellowknife, probably bordering on winter actually.  This little update unfortunately has almost nothing to do with music, since I’ve been so musically inactive lately, except that I’ll mention two upcoming events that I’m excited to be attending: One, the Blackpot Camp/Festival, outside Eunice, Louisiana, home of Marc and Joel Savoy and major centre for Cajun music; and Two, the Texas Folklife and Texas Dancehall Preservation 2nd Annual Festival of Texas Fiddling, in Burton, Texas.  I’ll be sure to write something about these events.

For the mean time, all I really wanted to do was post a couple of pictures from around here.  People ask “What have you been up to?” and it’s always hard to answer.  Mostly this:


(window cleaning)

and some of this kind of stuff:


(That’s my shack in the Woodyard, Old Town, Yellowknife. L-R: Garden, Greenhouse, Shed, Three cords of wood waiting to be stacked, Shack, Truck). Photos Joel Maillet.

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