The Bargain Barber

.           I                    II                           IV             I

Well I went to the barber cause my hat don’t fit

I                    VII                    V              I

Shave and a haircut that’ll cost two bits

.              I                           II            IV               I

But you know when you live in a one horse town

.        I                    VII                  V                 I

Two jobs for one man and the other way around

.                           IV

.           Well the barber is the butcher and his razor’s sharp

.                          I

.           And the butcher is the barber but it’s not too smart

.                             IV

.           Cause the barber is a bargain till the end of the day

.                       I                                                                                V

.            If you bargain on a barber then you’ll never get your way


He opened up a cupboard and he pulled out a book

All the different cuts and you can pick your look

Page 27 that’s the one I like

Cause I wanna look good when I’m riding on my bike


He said that’s fine but I’ll tell you what

You’d like much better with a clean crew cut

So he fired up the clippers and before I knew

I was all done up with an army ‘do


He started with the razor and he nicked my face

Blood started spraying all over the place

I said “Oh Henry” won’t you please just stop

I came to see the barber not the butcher shop


So I left the old barber and I walked down the street

All chopped up like a slab of meat

If you’re looking for a bargain then you’d better beware

Cause you don’t want a butcher trying to barber your hair

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