The Last Time I Rode a Train

¾ Time Jimmie Rodgers style – key of D but I play it in C, capo 2


.       C                                          F                        C

The last time I rode a train, I rode it back to you

.       C                                                               D7                     G7

I rode it through the rain and snow, back to the skies of blue

.  C                                                       F                                   C

I rode it over soaring heights and through deep valleys too

.       F                C                       D7         G7         C

The last time I rode a train, I rode it back to you


I waited seven hours, standing in the rain

Waited by the railroad tracks, for an Eastbound train

When early in the morning, I heard the engine’s roar

I swung aboard that freight train, right through the boxcar door


I left that rainy city, down on the western coast

Rode it through the mountains to the girl I missed the most

I found her there in Cowtown, out on the open plains

And told her that I rode to her upon an Eastbound train


A ride upon the railroad, can leave a poor man’s soul

High up in the mountains, or crushed like dirty coal

I told her that I loved her, told her it was true

The last time I rode a train, I rode it back to you


She said you weary hobo, come in and sit ye down

You rode so many miles, to see me in this town

I’m happy for the gesture, it’s good to be with you

But that is all there is, dear, I’m sorry if you’re blue

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